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Transformation needs attention to multiple aspects. NewBox Consulting can help you identify what matters most for your business and define a roadmap for implementation, backed with data and analysis. Our assessment toolkits and frameworks aid in deriving meaningful outcome, by considering a 360 degree view of your business and applying latest and relevant information in a fast-changing world. The S.T.E.P framework looks deep within the organisation to develop relevant capabilities. Our value creation framework ensures external business factors get due attention while determining the solutions that will drive a positive customer experience.


While assessment is a starting point for any change initiative, it needs to be personalised for every organisation based on its size, priorities and nature of business. Our assessment framework includes internal discussions/surveys, external discussions with comparable businesses as well as our secondary research. The information is then analysed & synthesised for relevance to our client’s business. This ensures structure, rigor and focus during the process, while minimising biases.

S.T.E.P. framework:

This refers to the four elements Strategy, Talent, Environment and Process. All four need to be carefully brought together to manage transition to the next level. An assessment leads to a gap analysis, which in turn leads to a new strategy. Often, a change in the strategy calls for a reconfiguration of the other three elements. More information on the STEP framework can be obtained from our whitepaper "You need a transformative approach in today’s business environment" in our Resources section.

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